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Middle River Valley Jerky Co.

Our Story

The beginning

Hello there,

          My name is Joe Sliger and my passion is jerky. I have been making jerky for the better part of 30 years, mainly for my family, close friends and of course my hunting partners. After a good day of hunting, we'd gather around the campfire and have great conversations. It was there when my buddy Jeff said to me, "Joe, your jerky would be a hit in stores, I'm sure of it."

          After a few seasons of consideration, I made it a goal to introduce my jerky to the public. I have landed on Jerky Island and burned the ship that brought me, so Middle River Valley Jerky Co. is here to stay!

          With pride and integrity I put into every batch, customers will taste the difference. I only use ingredients of high quality and do not withhold any of the neccesities. I believe in the jerky I sell and after one bite, you will too. Thank you for your purchase, and God bless.

                                                                        ~Joe Sliger

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